NASA Race – Summit Point – April 2009



hey guys!  here is the race report from last weekend’s races at Summit Point — it was mid to high 90s, and sunny, with no clouds; dreadfully hot both days, but Sunday was totally brutal (sat race = 25 mins, sun’s race = 40 mins).

both days were good racing, but sunday’s race was incredible; it is by far the toughest race i have ever been in. it was 40 mins of non-stop, knock down, drag-out action, with three of us in the melee mix. i was PRAYING for the white flag to fly! from the drop of the green, til the checker finally came out, there was not a second of rest or relaxation….

scott’s (2nd place white SE-R in PTE) video footage is impressive to watch! at times we were splitting lapped cars and were running three abreast (me, scott, and darren (blue PTE integra driver)). darren was forced off the track at least once by a miata, and once he went on the grass intentionally on the front straight to pass a log-jammed miata pack (all i could see in the rear view was a monster cloud of dust!).    oh, and at the start of the race, i am gridded next to a PTD Miata MX-5 Playboy Cup car (should be much faster than us PTE’ers).  i get a good start and take him and lead the whole pack for a lap, and then he misses a shift and grenades his motor (it was his first test day ever in the car!!!!!). 

the track was disintegrating really badly, due to the extreme heat and the patches were melting and tearing up; off-line was treacherous, and i almost lost it a couple of times when i misjudged the ‘marbly areas’….   i had to constantly watch my mirrors and protect the inside line, to keep the SE-R from slipping by me and into the lead!  even with that terrible track (most classes were turning laps 1.5 to 2 seconds slower than the track record) we got down to within 0.4 secs of the track record (i hold the record at 1:27.110).  if it had been a ‘good’ track and cool weather, i’d have been in the high 1:25s, i am confident of that!).

holy cow, that was some racing! when i was packing up, several groups of folks came by to say that it was one of the most exciting races that they had ever seen, and that they were happy that they had stayed to watch, instead of leaving for home!

here is the 2nd place PTE SE-R’s incar footage:

Sunday’s Race at Summit Point 1 of 4

i can’t wait for the next round (hyperfest at summit point) in june!!!!
PS  that white sentra se-r is gonna really be tough to beat;  he’s got better power to weight than i do, he weighs a lot less (about 250 lbs), and he is running fresh hoosiers every race (that was the 13th race for my used toyos!).