ReidSpeed Big Brake Kit

Many of you have remarked about how fast you have seen me go in my relatively stock Ford Probe GT.  What you may not have noticed is how well my car stops.  Thanks to my home-developed Big Brake Kit (BBK) the undersized, the Probe’s stock brakes have been replaced to provide superior stopping ability.  If you want to make your Probe or MX-6 stop on a dime, you have to check out this kit.

For pricing and availability, please email me at

The  basic BBK kit is as follows: 

  • One pair of special stainless steel adapters (designed by me and custom machined)
  • One complete set of custom hardware
  • One complete set of directions with pictures
  • All the tech support you could ever want! 

Also required to complete the BBK installation:

  • Rotors (Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 twin turbo front rotors – 1995 vintage – with the center hole bored out to 2-7/8″)
  • Calipers (Millenia S dual piston front calipers)
  • Brake pads (for stock Millenia S front)

Although rotors and calipers are not part of the basic BBK, I have some in stock, ready to go and available for sale.  Please email for pricing.

I can personally attest to the effectiveness of the ReidSpeed BBK.  Not only does it transform your car’s braking ability from marginal stopping power that quickly fades and exibits significant pad wear to that will almost never fade, increases brake pad longevity and will allow you to stop your car where and when you want. 

You cannot find a more effective brake upgrade kit for your car.  I have many, many years and thousands of track miles on my Probe.  It works INCREDIBLY well!

All the details of the BBK can be found below:

Stock Probe brakes compared to ReidSpeed BBK

Custom ReidSpeed brackets and hardware (basic kit)

ReidSpeed BBK with stock Probe wheels:

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