About ReidSpeed Inc.

For information about ReidSpeedInc Enterprises, please contact:  

 Todd Reid, President and CEO
(410) 441-0201


Services offered: 

v     Ivy league trained engineer and mechanic v     Crew chief / Pit crew  

v     Hired gun driver  

v     Multi-dimensional motorsport experience  

v     Multi-mark trained driving instructor  

v     Boot-strap tuning or  

v     Racing setup and tuning  

v     Professional performance coaching  

v     Custom/Racing part fabrication  












I have been racing off and on for a number of years. However, not having the time to race every weekend or as often as many do, I recently jumped on the offer to spend a day being coached by Todd Reid. At first this may seem like a waste of my time and money but I take a lesson each ski season prior to getting on the slopes full speed, so why not do the same with racing?. I have seen Todd race over the last three seasons in NASA PTE class, He pushes a car to its limits, goes into a race cool and comes out the same way. 
so a full day was sure to be a super learning expierence. and it was. I went into the day showing a whole lot of rust..but finished up smooth and collected through the turns, under breaking, etc. His calm assertive insturction is second to none. I highly recomend 
a new or expirenced driver/racer spend a day with Todd.  a great guy and a great teacher.
   - Joe M.

” Todd Reid: I want to thank you for your terrific HPDE and racing coaching.  You’re expert driving instruction has allowed me to advance quickly in the run groups in the various clubs.  I do not hesitate to recommend you to all my driving enthusiast friends at the Porsche Club, NASA and other track events.  No matter what I say, words can’t fully describe your great coaching, mechanical assistance with my cars and your enthusiasm as my driving coach. You are a great guy and a pleasure to work with.  Wishing you every success!” – George B.

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