The Racecars

Honda Turbo Terror

This is a seriously built, grassroots road race machine. I have owned this car since 1997, and have been roadracing it since 1999 with both EMRA and NASA.

The car is a 1995 Honda Civic DX hatchback; It has been stripped down and all glass except for the windshield is lexan. The drivetrain has been replaced with a 2002 RSX-S drivetrain (K20A2 with 6 speed). The engine has been upgraded with Type R cams and intake manifold, and a Kpro ecu. The engine is turbocharged, with a Greddy twinscroll system. A ReidSpeed custom built water injection system is used to control detonation and keep the incoming pressurized air cool. I run a custom 3″ straight thru side exit exhaust. Cold air is drawn through a filter situated where the drivers side headlight used to be. A Fluidyne racing radiator was installed to keep the engine cool during the hottest races. The final drive has been replaced with a 5.06 and Type R lsd. The suspension on the car is by DMS (fully adjustable coilovers). It has an adjustable SRR rear swaybar with control arms. The front brakes are Legend GS calipers with Prelude VTEC rotors. I use 15″x7″ Konig wheels, with 225-45-15 Toyo RA-1 tires. The car is equipped with a full cage, window nets, 6 point harnesses, and a kill switch. it is a serious racecar. Its current weight is about 2100 lbs, with driver, ready to race. It currently dynos at over 260 whp.

1993 Ford Probe GT.  Prepped to NASA regulations.  PTE rules (very similar to SCCA ITA rules). The Probe was built by myself, in my own garage; it is approximately 2625 lbs with me in it, and makes about 160 whp. The suspension is Ksport coilovers with a big rear swaybar and no front swaybar. I built and designed my own front big brake kit, which works well. The engine and drivetrain is all stock, with the exception of a custom cold air intake (designed by me) and headers and a straight pipe exhaust. I run stock sized wheels and tires, and I typically run a 225-50-16 Toyo RA-1 DOT-R tire.

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