1993 Ford Probe GT.  Prepped to NASA regulations.  PTE rules (very similar to SCCA ITA rules). The Probe was built by myself, in my own garage; it is approximately 2625 lbs with me in it, and makes about 160 whp. The suspension is Ksport coilovers with a big rear swaybar and no front swaybar. I built and designed my own front big brake kit, which works well. The engine and drivetrain is all stock, with the exception of a custom cold air intake (designed by me) and headers and a straight pipe exhaust. I run stock sized wheels and tires, and I typically run a 225-50-16 Toyo RA-1 DOT-R tire.

The Probe-N-Stein is no stranger to Winners Circle. 

In 2007 – NASA Mid Atlantic Region PTE Champion results

In 2008 – NASA 2nd overall finish and Mid Atlantic Region PTE results 

In 2009 – NASA Mid Atlantic Region PTE Champion results 


Currently holds the PTE lap record at both Summit Point Raceway and VIR Full track   laprecords

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