Meet Todd Reid

I’m 42 yrs old, and have been doing track events since 1994. I am a certified Instructor for the PCA, BMW CCA, Ferrari Club, Mercedes AMG, Mazda, NASA, CCC, and many others. I ran my first roadrace in 1999, and continue to race as of now, driving several different cars (NASA PTE Ford Probe GT, NASA ST-2 Honda Civic (was H1), and a vintage Lotus Super Seven with VRG). The vehicle I plan to participate with in the Robin Hood Rally is my 1993 Ford Probe GT, which is prepped to NASA PTE rules (very similar to SCCA ITA rules). The Probe was built by myself, in my own garage; it is approximately 2625 lbs with me in it, and makes about 160 whp. The suspension is Ksport coilovers with a big rear swaybar and no front swaybar. I built and designed my own front big brake kit, which works well. The engine and drivetrain is all stock, with the exception of a custom cold air intake (designed by me) and headers and a straight pipe exhaust. I run stock sized wheels and tires, and I typically run a 225-50-16 Toyo RA-1 DOT-R tire.

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